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Add.:  Niushou Industrial Park, No.55 South Liyuan Road, Jiangning Economic Development District, Nanjing, China.
P.C.: 211100

Tel.: 0086-25-84909381
Fax.: 0086-25-87732890
Email: [email protected]

About us

     Nanjing Meicheng Aluminum Science and Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in developing, designing and producing various kinds of industrial aluminum profiles and selling industrial aluminum assembly lines and accessories. We provide service of customized material, structure design, fine machining, field installation, technical consultation according to customer’s requirement. We commit ourselves to the development of photovoltaic equipment and related auxiliary facilities especially intelligent instrumentation and automation equipment. We serve customers from all walks of life. The company has a mature technology research and development team. Through deep cooperation with famous universities in China, a new research innovation center integrated with production, study and research has taken shape. Many of products are awarded with intellectual property certificate. Our production line covers automated assembly line, clean room, cabinet, showcase, Lift door, revolving car, worktable and complete set of photovoltaic equipment.....

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